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Dara Brantd - CEO/Director

Hey there, Dara here. My journey that lead me to start Your Energy Blog all started with a question. 

That question was, “Why?” 

“Why do some have access to energy, and others do not?” “Why do we use inefficient energy sources, when greener alternatives exist?” “Why hasn’t enough been done in this space?” 

So, I created Your Energy Blog with the mission to bring together like-minded “green” individuals to create the right tailwind for each other. Because only together, can we build a brighter, greener, and more sustainable future.

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avery howerman headshot

Avery Howerman - Product Researcher, Managing Editor

Hi, my name is Avery, it’s great to meet you (digitally at least!).

If your idea of a great time is discussing the latest sustainability trends, scientific advancements, or physics over a cold draft beer, I think we’d be the best of friends.

I joined Your Energy Blog because I love to learn new things about this space, push knowledge forward, and work on something that creates a better future.


Sydney Patterson - Product Researcher, Content Creator

What’s up! My name is Sydney.

I joined Your Energy Blog because I love to help people find better ways to create more sustainable homes, energy, and lives.

If we work together, we can connect the entire world through sustainable energy to live more prosperous, fulfilling, and meaningful lives.

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jenny baxter headshot

Jenny Baxter - Product Researcher, Content Creator

Hello, my name is Jenny, it’s fantastic to meet you!

I joined Your Energy Blog because I fit right in with the team.

Here, it’s not cool to waste energy, and I LOVE that. Most people don’t pay attention to how much energy they’re using, and just leave it up to “whoever” to fix it.

My job, here at Your Energy Blog, is help people change that.


Zack Lopez - Product Researcher, Content Creator

Hey, my name is Zack, it’s nice to connect with you!

I joined Your Energy Blog to spread my passion for renewable energy, solar, and alternative power sources.

My hope is that you learn something new, helpful, and profitable from Your Energy Blog. That way, sustainable energy can continue its positive trend upwards for all to benefit.

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katerina jefferies headshot

Katerina Jefferies - Social Media Manager

Howdy, friend! My name is Katerina, it’s fabulous to meet you.

I joined Your Energy Blog because you know … renewable energy, “I’m a big fan.” 

Hehe, now that that’s out of the way, I really joined because I love the people I meet here. We are all on a similar journey towards a more sustainable future for all, so what better to be apart of?

Now that you’ve officially met the team, to get started, feel free to check out our homepage with our most popular posts!
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