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Best Solar-Powered Security Camera of 2020

Solar-Power Security Camera

Best solar security camera: top-rated reviews “Someone is at your front door,” says Alexa. “Alexa, show front door cam,” you respond. Then, as you look down at your phone you see it. “Sweet, my package is here!” While this situation would likely bring a smile to pretty much anyone’s face, the flipside isn’t as pretty, … Read more

Best Solar Charge Controller of 2020

Solar charge Controller Buying Guide

Best solar charge controllers: top-rated MPPT controller reviews A solar charge controller is a necessary part of any solar electric system. It is what mediates your battery bank and the solar panels that power it, regulating both the voltage and current flowing to the battery (1). A solar charge controller ensures your battery remains safe … Read more

Best Solar Generator of 2020

Solar Generator

Best solar-powered generator: top-rated reviews We rely on electricity so much that many people don’t realize that an extended power outage could result in hundreds of dollars of wasted groceries and even refrigerated medication going bad. (1) Electronics such as laptops can also be vulnerable to power surges as the electricity comes back on, especially … Read more

Best Solar Pool Cover of 2020

Solar Pool Buying Guide

Best solar pool covers: top-rated reviews As any pool owner knows, it can cost a small fortune to heat the water. Using the right solar pool cover can save you up to 70% on heating costs by absorbing solar energy and blocking evaporation (1). Here, we’re going to go over the best solar pool cover … Read more

Best RV Solar Kit of 2020

RV Solar Kit

Best RV solar panel kit: top-rated reviews Did you know that the cost of a full solar setup continues to fall every year? (1) However, RV solar kits come in all different sizes and functions, and they’re much cheaper than a full solar setup. If you’re stuck wondering which is the best RV solar kit … Read more

Best Solar Flagpole Light of 2020

Solar Flagpole Light

Best Solar-Powered Flagpole Light: Top-Rated Reviews While most homes, buildings, and businesses only display the American flag from sunrise to sunset, the U.S. Flag Code does state that you can keep your flag up through the night if it’s illuminated properly. (1) Of course, running an electric light through the night can cause energy costs … Read more

Best Solar Gutter Lights of 2020

A gutter with leaves that could use one of the best solar gutter lights of 2020

Solar Gutter Lights: Top-Rated Reviews Did you know that approximately 10% of the average home’s energy expenditures go towards lighting? (1) Switching to more efficient lighting both inside and outside the house can make a world of difference in lowering your electricity bill and saving energy. So, we’ve rounded up the best solar gutter lights … Read more

Best Solar Lantern of 2020

Solar Lantern

Best Solar Lanterns: Top-Rated Reviews One of the oldest, free, renewable, and nature-friendly energy sources, solar power is growing in popularity because of its energy efficiency, low maintenance, and cost savings. (1) Are you looking for the best solar lantern for your yard, emergency kit, or next camping trip? We can help. Not only will … Read more

Best Solar Shower of 2020

Solar Shower

Best solar showers of 2020: top-rated reviews After spending the day out in the great outdoors, taking a refreshing shower sounds like a dream come true. But it doesn’t have to remain only a dream. We’ve reviewed the best solar showers on the market and ranked them in order of our favorites to help you … Read more

Best Solar Oven of 2020

Solar Oven

Best Solar Ovens: Top-Rated Reviews Solar ovens are more than a science project. The best solar ovens can consistently reach between 200 and 300 degrees (1) or more, making them hot enough to cook most foods. To help you find the best solar oven for you, on this page, you’ll find our in-depth reviews, expert … Read more

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