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Best solar security camera: top-rated reviews

“Someone is at your front door,” says Alexa.

“Alexa, show front door cam,” you respond. Then, as you look down at your phone you see it. “Sweet, my package is here!”

While this situation would likely bring a smile to pretty much anyone’s face, the flipside isn’t as pretty, unfortunately. For that reason, we’ve rounded up the year’s best solar-powered security cameras all in one place to help you, your family, and your loved ones stay prepared for any situation.

So without further ado, to aid your search, let’s examine a snapshot (sorry, I couldn’t resist!) of our top 13 picks.

Top Pick
Ring Solar HD Security Camera

Ring Solar HD Security Camera (Best Overall)

Our best overall pick to buy, the Ring Solar HD Security Camera impresses with its smart integration, ease of use, easy installation, and many features it offers, such as two-way audio, excellent battery life, and straightforward and easy to see visuals.

Solar-Powered Security Camera Reviews

Product Name Details
Best Overall Best Overall Ring Solar HD Security Camera Ring Solar HD Security Camera
  • Ring Solar HD Security Camera impresses with its smart integration
  • Ease of use, easy installation
  • Many features
Budget Pick Budget Pick alt tag here ieGeek Solar Outdoor Security Camera
  • Smart night vision feature
  • Two-way audio, real-time notifications
  • Usable through an app with iOS or Android, this ieGeek model earns our top wallet-friendly pick
Easy Setup Easy Setup Ankway Solar Security Camera Ankway Solar Security Camera
  • Useful features like rotating and zooming in on videos
  • Real-time alerts, an IP rating built to withstand -30 degrees
  • Quick and easy setup, this Ankway Solar Camera is more than worth the investment in our books
Zumimall Wireless Outdoor Security Camera ZUMIMALL Solar-Powered Home Security Camera
  • With automatic file saving
  • Good IP rating down to -4 degrees
  • Being able to customize exactly what alerts you want to get
Conico Wireless Outdoor Security Camera Conico Solar-Powered Security Camera
  • Supported by iOS and Android
  • Camera will push real-time alerts to your phone
  • Customizable settings
Yeskamo Solar Security Camera YESKAMO Solar Security Camera
  • Dual antennas for 50% more distance coverage
  • Real-time alerts
  • Battery charge of about four months
REOLINK Argus Eco+ REOLINK Store Argus Eco+
  • Two-way audio
  • Easy installation
  • Clear, crisp images, and real-time alerts
  • Two-way audio
  • real-time alerts, 7-day playback, encrypted cloud storage
  • extra storage through a micro SD card make this a great pick
REOLINK Store Argus Pro REOLINK Store Argus Pro
  • Can use an app with this camera to control it remotely
  • Compatible with IOS and Android
Zumimall Solar Surveillance Camera Zumimall Solar Surveillance Camera
  • Night vision and micro SD storage capability
  • Real-time alerts
  • Two-way audio
FUVISION Home Security Camera FUVISION Home Security Camer
  • FUVISION is known for having an IP65 rating of working at -4 degrees
  • Two-way audio
  • Rotating views while live streaming
  • REOLINK has motion detection
  • Excellent battery life
  • Excellent picture quality
EKEN Solar Security Camera EKEN Solar Security Camera
  • This camera comes with a charging cable long enough
  • Mounting stand if you need it
  • You don’t have to take it down to charge it depending on where it is
A graffiti image representing the best solar security camera

Here are our comprehensive solar-powered security camera reviews to further aid your search, and help you find the perfect one for your home, budget, and setup. Starting with our best overall pick, the Ring Solar HD Security Camera, let’s take a closer look, shall we?

1. Ring Solar HD Security Camera – Best Overall

Ring Solar HD Security Camera


  • Average Install Time: 5-15 minutes

  • Video: 1080p HD, Live View, Night Vision
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4 GHz
  • Audio: Two-way talk with noise cancellation
  • Field of view: 130° diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical

I like that this camera is easy to install and that Ring’s customer service is extremely helpful. This model works great with the solar panels that go with it and keeps this one topped off at a good battery percentage without the need of a huge amount of sunlight.

It has neat top features like Live View, working with Alexa, and customizable privacy features that make it stand out above its competitors. It also can work with all your other Ring devices, making this a reliable all-around security system if you have over one item in their lineup. This would be handy in any situation, depending on where you set it up and our best overall pick.

2. ieGeek Wireless Solar Security Camera – Budget Pick

alt tag here


  • Support device: iOS/Android

  • Video: 1080P FHD & Auto Night Vision & 130° Wide Angle
  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz WIFI
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Audio: Two-Way

The first thing that’s great about this camera is its incredibly durable design meant to repel nearly anything that nature might throw at it. Then, it’s 100% wireless makes installation a breeze for those used to installing equipment with wires. In addition, according to the manufacturer, there’s no need to take the battery off to recharge it, as it houses a 1500mAh rechargeable battery. 

I like that it has those easy functions but great visuals through different sensors, and it’s smart about turning on night vision. There’s also two-way audio on this that would make it easy to communicate with anyone, such as delivery men. These factors all lead it to be my budget pick for this list.

3. Ankway Solar Security Camera – Easy Setup

Ankway Solar Security Camera


  • Support device: Android 2.3 and above / iOS 7.0 and above. Don’t support RSTP and Computer

  • Video: 1080p HD, Live View, Colorful Night Vision
  • Connectivity: 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Audio: Built-in mic and speaker

The easy setup on this one alone makes it worth the money, allowing for a hassle-free set-up. The Ankway operates down to -30 degrees, making it even better in the cold weather for those that may live in colder areas. It has a lot of features like rotate and zoom on videos, real-time alerts (handy if you’re not home or on vacation!), and two-way audio. 

I especially like that it has real-time alerts that would be handy for knowing when packages are delivered or if there is anyone around my property while I’m away from home. An app goes with this to help with those features and sends a message directly to your phone, making it even handier.

4. Zumimall Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Zumimall Wireless Outdoor Security Camera


  • Support device: Android/IOS

  • Video: 1080P HD and IR Night Vision
  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz Wifi Only
  • Motion Detect: PIR Human Motion Detection
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65 Waterproof, Withstand -4°F~122°F

Zumimall says that this camera will only capture human motion when it’s on guard duty, and when it does, it will send instant alerts to your phone through its app. When it does this, it will save videos automatically, so you have them on file in case you need them. 

It can save these to either the cloud or an SD card, making it handy if you need to pull up footage in case anything happens. The images are stunning, and it operates down to -4 degrees, which is reasonable considering many batteries drain fast with colder weather. (1)

5. Conico Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Conico Wireless Outdoor Security Camera


  • Support device: iOS/Android

  • Video: 1080p HD Video and IR Night Vision
  • Connectivity: 2.4G WiFi
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65 
  • Audio: Two Way Audio

WiFi capable and with instant notifications, this solar-powered security camera will get you 1080p image quality, all while being on a powerful 10400mAh rechargeable battery. This ensures that the Conico will be powered on its own when the power goes out. 

There’s motion detection, which is adjustable, so you’re not getting alerts all the time, and alerts get pushed to your phone in real-time for those you have enabled. The app is easy to use, and it’s great that it’s supported on both the iOS and Android platforms, which ensures that everyone can use this camera without fail.

6. Yeskamo Solar Security Camera

Yeskamo Solar Security Camera


  • Video: 1080P HD Images & Smooth Night Vision

  • Connectivity: 2.4GHz WiFi
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Motion Detect: Smart PIR sensor & Human-shape detection
  • Battery Capacity: 10400mAh

Wire-free and easy to install, the Yeskamo security system is powered by built-in 18650 rechargeable batteries with 10400mAh capacity capability.  It has a lifetime charge before recharging of up to four months, assuming there are ten triggers a day. Still, with its solar panel and making sure that it gets proper coverage, you barely have to charge it for security coverage, making it efficient for energy needs.

I like that it has dual antennas for extra coverage, as sometimes that distance is hard to cover when you’re looking for an excellent place to put it. Real-time notifications keep you in the know, and with two-way audio, you’re looking at a reliable camera.

7. REOLINK Argus Eco+ 

REOLINK Argus Eco+


  • Video: 1080p Full HD CMOS image sensor

  • Connectivity: 2.4G wifi
  • Field of view: 100° wide field
  • Motion Detect: Digital PIR

The Reolink is efficient in its power use and one that the company says that you rarely must charge. This is great for those who don’t want the hassle to worry about recharging a battery every so often and instead speak to the solar panels’ reliability to keep it charged. 

This is great for keeping you in the know-how with its real-time alerts, two-way audio, and clear, crisp images; plus, it’s easy to install, making this great for any situation. I’d find this useful anywhere I needed it, like where I needed to keep tabs on the front door, a driveway, or other areas that might have people coming up to the house.

8. REOLINK Store Go+



  • Video: 1080p Full HD CMOS image sensor

  • Connectivity: 4G-LTE and 3G GSM network connectivity
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Field of view: 110°

As most are on this list, this is wireless and hassle-free in set up. That appeals to me because time is valuable, and I don’t want to fuss with cords, drilling, or anything else while installing one. Some outstanding features about this are that it has two-way audio, encrypted cloud storage, and the ability to slot a micro SD card. 

There’s also a seven-day playback feature that automatically comes with it to have videos on hand when you need them. The company claims that you can put this anywhere, including campers, RV’s and trailers, so you can keep tabs on them and ward off burglars.

9. REOLINK Store Argus Pro

REOLINK Store Argus Pro


  • Video: 1080p Full HD

  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz Wifi IEEE 802.11b/g/n
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Field of view: 130°

This is an affordable option that most people will like, as it’s easy to install, is wireless, so it’s tangle-free, and has a rechargeable battery. The battery is meant to be so efficient that you’ll never have to charge the battery and can only rely on the solar panels for its energy source. 

You can use an app with this camera to control it remotely. It is compatible with IOS and Android. It also has the capability of supporting SD cards with up to 64GB of data for videos and images, or you can store your data in the cloud.

10. Zumimall Solar Surveillance Camera

Zumimall Solar Surveillance Camera


  • Video: 1080P

  • Connectivity: 2.4Ghz WiFi
  • Field of view: 120°wide view
  • Motion Detect: 10m PIR Detection and Mobile Alerts
  • Battery Capacity: 10400mAh

The night vision on the Zumimall is fantastic, and the camera is easy to set up, which is a bonus. Also, I like that it stays charged in a wide range of weather conditions and hardly ever needs to be charged, which is useful for when you want to put it somewhere that’s difficult to get to. 

This would be handy for placing it in places like the garage where a ladder might be impossible to access. It has micro SD storage capability, real-time alerts, two-way audio, and operates down to -4 degrees to ensure that it doesn’t quickly drain in the winter.

11. FUVISION Home Security Camera

FUVISION Home Security Camera


  • Video: 1080P

  • Connectivity: 2.4G WiFi
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65
  • Motion Detect: PIR
  • Battery Capacity: 12000mAh

The FUVSION is a solidly built little camera that’s easy to install, making this great for those that are looking for hassle-free installation. The sturdy construction makes it durable and it gets an IP65 rating, which rates for various conditions. (2)

It can rotate views, which is a prominent feature that could be used for surveying the area after one of its real-time alerts. The sound on it is great with its two-way audio, and it’s an affordable option that will be kind to your wallet.

12. REOLINK Argus Eco



  • Video: 1080p Full HD CMOS image sensor

  • Connectivity: 4G/3G cellular network
  • Waterproof Grade: IP65 
  • Motion Detect: PIR
  • Battery Capacity: 7800mAh

I like that this camera has an easy-to-use app that you can install up to 4 cameras on, giving you more coverage depending on your needs. This would be useful when you have multiple areas that need to be covered across your home or several outbuildings. 

It’s easy to set up, like most of its predecessors on this list. It has motion detection, great battery life, and picture quality, and is well worth the money. The ability to get a second solar panel with this one makes the battery last even longer without having to be charged; though, with the use of its panels, this isn’t necessary.

13. EKEN Solar Security Camera

EKEN Solar Security Camera


  • Video: 1080P Full HD IR Night Vision

  • Connectivity: 2.4 GHz WiFi
  • Audio: 2-Way Audio & Multiple-User Sharing
  • Field of view: 140°
  • Battery Capacity: 6000mAh

Like all the cameras on this list, this one is easy to install and hassle-free to place in hard to reach places because you’ll rarely have to charge. Just make sure you have it in the right placement spot to get maximum sun exposure. (3) This is great for the outdoors and pans in and out for more detailed views. 

I like that it has a charging cable long enough for the mounting stand if you need it, so you don’t have to take it down to charge it depending on where it is. It has two-way audio and gives outstanding quality on its automatically saved images to any SD card. This is an additional storage space of up to 128GB with no monthly fee.

Buyers Guide (Top 5 Tips to Know BEFORE You Buy)

1. Consider the Placement of Your Solar Security Camera(s)

The placement of your security camera is vital when you’re talking about where to place your panels for maximum efficiency. You’re going to want to make sure that your panels are getting at least a good solid 6 hours of sunlight a day. 

For placement, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, you’re going to want to place your panels facing as true-south as possible to get maximum sunlight. This will ensure that the camera is as efficient as possible for battery life. 

2. Consider the Weather Your Camera(s) Must Endure

Waterproof Ratings

Most cameras will come with an IP rating, which goes from IP00 (the least durable in weather) to IP69 (the most durable in weather). You’ll want to get one with the best ratings possible; however, most usually come with an IP65-IP69 rating to withstand most weather that includes dust, cold, rain, wind, high pressure, and anything else that mother nature can throw at it. (4)

Dust Ratings 

IP ratings will also rate a camera based on its ability to keep dust out of the housing and how much it protects the equipment from harm. This is great for most conditions that the average person’s camera will endure. It’s wise to check on the conditions for your area and check the IP ratings of the camera you’re buying to ensure it’s suitable.

3. Know What Type of Wireless Communication Technology You Need


A lot of these cameras, use WiFi connectivity so they can communicate with you for real-time alerts, stream video, and be able to record and store data. Knowing what type of connectivity you need is vital to ensuring that you have great coverage. 

Most cameras come with a 2.4Ghz connection, however, some may need a booster depending on where your WiFi router is located. Some cameras come with dual antennas if you require extra distance to be covered.


For those areas where WiFi isn’t readily available, there are cameras that are 3G/4G internet capable. These are usually cameras that can be mounted on places like campers, trailers or RV’s so that you have easy viewing despite not having WiFi connectivity. 

Ensure that you’re looking for this with a camera before buying it if that’s what you need, as the majority of them will come with WiFi capability.

4. Look for Bonus Features That Excite You

Once basic needs are covered, then it’s a good idea to look into the bells and whistles. Looking for features that excite you like two-way audio, streaming video, human-only detection, or other bonus features it’s a wise move to help you get the most out of your investment.

Real-Time Notifications

Real-time notifications are on almost every security camera with the help of an app, to your phone, giving you quite a bit of control over what’s going on. You can customize these in most cases to give you notifications during certain times, or for certain events.

Some can even snooze notifications during a certain time frame that you specify. When comparing wired vs wireless security systems, real-time notifications can be a huge benefit found in many wireless systems.

Two-Way Talk

With this function, you’re able to talk through the camera to whoever is on the other side giving you instant communication. This is great in situations where your family or someone might be outside and needs to talk to you but you’re unable to come to the door.

Advanced Motion Detection

Most of these cameras have PIR motion detection on them, Pyroelectric (“Passive”) InfraRed Sensors. These help with detecting movement and heat signatures that come into range of your camera and send you alerts based on your preferences. 

User-Friendly Mobile App

Having a user-friendly mobile app makes things much easier, and most of these cameras come with one. This helps with getting real-time notifications, any live streaming, up to date information, and any other features that the camera might have. Some cameras can be controlled with their app in functionality when it comes to zooming, tilting, and other physical aspects.

5. Find the Top Deal for You

On this list, there are some cameras that are more affordable than others. Balancing quality over price is something that you should keep in mind when shopping. 

For things like security, it’s not always best to get the cheapest thing on the market for obvious reasons. On the other hand, you shouldn’t have to sell your kidney in order to keep your family safe and have peace of mind, either. With that said, to find the top deal for you it’s recommended to look at all the factors discussed above, plus overall shipping costs, speed, and of course, the final price.


Here are some of the most popular frequently asked questions to know before you buy a solar security camera.

Solar-powered security cameras work through a solar panel to capture the sun’s rays and convert it into a current, which is then used to charge your battery. When sunlight isn’t available, the camera uses the battery as a backup to power it and then uses the solar panel again once it’s exposed to sunlight once more. 

Though you may not believe it, the panels can even get power from the sun on rainy or cloudy days as light does still filter through the clouds. (5)

While there are security cameras out there that work without WiFi, they’re limited in their availability as WiFi-enabled one’s give you more flexibility in terms of features and accessibility. 

However, that said, there are those like the ones you can get with home security systems that don’t need WiFi to set up.  There are also cameras that use 3G/4G as their way of connecting instead of WiFi so that they can be placed in more remote locations or in locations where the internet is spotty or unavailable.

The best solar-powered cameras out there are those with a large battery capacity, panels that are efficient, wireless, and durable, have a good weather rating, and are easy to install. Anything else that the camera might have in features, like two-way audio, 1080p visuals, and PIR motion detection, is just a bonus.

The Bottom Line: What is the Best Solar-Powered Security Camera to Buy Today?

After researching, testing, and comparing over a hundred solar security cameras available on the market today, we highly recommend the Ring Solar HD Security Camera as the best solar-powered security camera in terms of budget, quality, and features. 

Not only is it great for encompassing all of your security needs, but it also has tons of bells and whistles that will keep you on technology’s cutting-edge. With this model, you can rest easy at night, feeling safe, secure, and informed.

With its customizable features like privacy settings, setting up multiple cameras, and working with Alexa, this solar security camera model provides homeowners with an easy and efficient solution.

Want more top-rated solar equipment to help bring your home into the future? If so, check out our best solar charge controllers for those with solar panels, or if you’re looking to add some, or our Homepage here at Your Energy Blog for our full list of highly-rated gear.

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