About Your Energy Blog

This Energy Blog exists for one purpose, and one purpose only: to help consumers across the world make better choices in relation to energy consumption. A group of passionate enviromentalist bloggers got together one day to join forces in order to educate and inspire the American homeowner to take control of their energy consumption. We wanted to de-mystify and share the insighful conversation we were having at the various water coolers of workplaces. The idea of a joint blogging collaboration was born.

YourEnergyBlog.com is powered by passion and a combied 50+ years of experience in the energy market. Its our mission to help everyday folk understand, and make better decisions around the home, from emergy matters, to water, to enviromental, and beyond. We strive to cover the latest in energy use, brought direct to you from the inside, avoiding the biases of the traditional, inaccurate media channels we are so used to today. We’ll share infographics, videos and media forms that make learning about the scientific side of energy fun!. We’ll bring you local interest stories from the industry, and help you pick and choose between some of the most popular energy saving or enhancing devices which were designed for the domestic market.”

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