The Most Promising Alternative Energy Trends of 2014

The days of our dependence on coal and fossil fuels are coming to an end. No longer will we have to pollute the earth in order to perform day-to-day tasks. We’re on the verge of a huge shift in energy consumption as alternative energy trends bring us new technology to make our lives both cleaner and easier. Whether we’re talking about harnessing the power of the wind, the sun, or natural gas, it’s clear that our future is bright and much less polluted. Scientists have discovered impressive methods for generating electricity from a variety of sources, and big businesses are starting to take these advancements more seriously. If you don’t believe me, just take a look at this infographic about the most promising alternative energy trends of 2014.


Alternative Energy

As you can see, solar power is finally being integrated with our most prized technology in a meaningful way. Not only are our cell phones and cars poised to take advantage of the power of the sun, but scientists have also found a way to make a spray coating that acts like a solar panel. This handy guide, provided by SmartVirtualPhoneNumber.com, also provides some interesting information about the use of natural gas, physical human movement and even energy sources once thought of only as food, which could entirely change the way you think about clean energy. If you ever wanted to get a glimpse at what the future holds, this infographic definitely offers some incredible insights. Prepare for the future of clean energy with the help of these incredible trends in alternative energy sources.


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  • http://www.enviroequipment.com Ken Glick (EEI)

    OMG, this is so cool. My favorite is harnessing the power generated by our heartbeats to run artificial organs or other devices indefinitely, essentially turning the human body into a giant battery, a.k.a. ‘The Matrix’.