Texas Will Invest $2.2 Million In Offshore Wind Initiatives

The Texas A&M University Wind Energy Center was recently awarded a $2.2 million offshore wind energy project. The Texas Emerging Technology Fund (TETF), who issued the grant, is a state-based group that strives to advance emerging technologies through research and development. These funds will assist the state in creating an offshore wind energy industry in Texas.

Governor Rick Perry (R) stated, “Texas leads the nation in wind energy production, generating more wind power than all but five nations. This investment will support an important collaboration between our universities and the growth of our offshore wind capabilities.”

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) contributed to the state’s award with $50 million. An additional $13.3 million will come from the GoWind consortium, and $1 million in investments will come from the participating Texas A&M universities.

The TETF award will help develop offshore wind farms. A future project is planning to include a three-turbine, 18MW wind farm in the Gulf of Mexico. As of today, the TETF allocated over $205 million to companies, and over $221 million in grants and research to universities in the state.

Texas, long known for its penchant for oil production, leads the United States in wind energy production. Just over a year ago, the state set a new wind generation record of 9,481 MW. Its combined fossil fuel and renewable energy production, coupled with energy efficiency initiatives and demand response programs, make the state an ideal model for other states looking to reduce their energy consumption.

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