Solar Makes an Impact in Haiti

Volunteers from NRG and Energy Curtailment Specialists will be traveling to Haiti this week with a mission of completing phase two of the solar project at the Zamni Beni Orphanage.  That’s not all!  These volunteers will also assist with a new solar installation at the workshop of one of their non-profit partner groups, the Apparent Project.

Following the devastating earthquake in 2010, NRG made a promise to help the people of Haiti get back on their feet.  Energy poverty has plagued several Haitian communities, resulting in a dependency on fossil fuels and high energy prices.

“Solar is a viable alternative in all kinds of places, none more so than Haiti.  In a place with low electrification even before the earthquake, a high dependency on fossil fuels, and high energy prices, the equation for solar was well established,” states NRG.

This is not the first year volunteers are traveling to Haiti.  Previous projects include a solar system at the Lashto Fish Farm, 12 solar photovoltaic (PV) panels at the Bon Berger School, and solar arrangements at several health centers.

Solar energy is one of the most efficient and clean forms of energy production.  “It’ll improve agriculture output. It’ll make life better for families that would otherwise not have access to healthcare, education, and energy,” states Paul Farmer from Partners in Health.  “This integrated model of development really is about breaking the cycle of poverty and disease.”

“This program already is improving the lives of thousands of people who have gained access to the regular supply of electricity for the first time in their lives,” says NRG CEO David Crane.  “Our commitment to install solar power at schools and food production facilities in Haiti dovetails with our overall company commitment to respect the environment, help end hunger, and improve access to better educational opportunities.  Much work remains to be done in Haiti and we intend to continue to do our part to help.”

It is programs like this one that will catapult the world into a cleaner and more efficient way of life.

Stay tuned for an update on the Working for Haiti project.

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