PJM’s record-breaking peak load

The east coast has been experiencing one of the roughest winters in years.  Utilities have been working overtime to restore power lines, answer questions about increased energy rates, and ensure the electric grid remains stable for their customers.

The PJM Interconnection seemed to be Mother Nature’s target this year.  On January 7th, frigid temperatures led to a record-breaking peak load of 138,600 MW, which quickly forced operators to dispatch a demand response (DR) event in the area.  Program participants were notified to reduce their energy consumption by a total of 1,900 MW.  PJM reported that 36,000 MW of generation remained unavailable because of compulsory outages.  Thank you, Polar Vortex.

This was not the only stressful time for PJM.  Late January also brought an intensified demand for energy, resulting in DR events in BGE, PEPCO, APS, DOM, and Mid-Atlantic zones.

Image courtesy of PJM.com

Image courtesy of PJM.com

The month of March is usually known for being a bit more mild weather-wise, but who knows what Mother Nature still has up her sleeve.  The majority of the east coast continues to remain vigilant until summer, when they’ll have to shift into high gear and prepare for the summer heat and emergency DR events.

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