Once Again, Elon Musk Proves He’s the Best CEO!

When it comes to modern-day executives, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has proven to be a man of the times. He’s appeared on the Colbert Report, has an active Facebook page, and recently used Twitter to respond to a couple with suggestions about Tesla S improvements.

The couple from New York took out a full-page ad in the Palo Alto Daily News last week to recommend some changes to their beloved Teslas (they each own a model S). In the open letter to Musk, they suggest blind spot monitors, voice activated dialing options, a more convenient touch-screen spot, and resizing the sun visor for short drivers, among a few other changes. It was an odd method to reach Musk, but the more surprising part of the story is that he quickly responded!

At 3:11 a.m. the day after the ad ran, Musk replied on Twitter with a picture of the paper and said, “Ad taken out in Palo Alto Daily by two Model S owners is right. Many of the suggestions will be implemented soon.” A CEO who takes time out at three in the morning to not only respond, but to also graciously accept criticism, is more like a C-E-hero!

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Many other Elon Musk groupies have re-tweeted and commented on the tweet praising the entrepreneur.

David Nitzche commented, “@elonmusk wow. For once some great constructive advice. Also shows why you are successful. Not afraid to take advice and admit it.”

Alex Chriss said, “Can you imagine any other car company responding or even acknowledging? Something very special with Tesla.”

Whether you like Elon Musk or not, it’s hard to deny this move was classy. He clearly knows how to run a ridiculously successful business, or rather businesses, but more importantly, he knows how to treat his customers with respect. Now I’m sending him a barber shop quartet in hopes he’ll give me a Telsa S for free!

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  • Mike Weaver

    This is plain silly. While I understand that Mr. Musk is an innovator and great steward for our environment, it appears some of his “fans” are whacky in the head.

    Here are my complaints with each one, in order…

    Blind spot monitors – How about looking over your shoulder? Then again, that would require putting down your phone.
    Cross traffic monitor – Again, looking isn’t hard.
    Front and rear sound sensors – Get out of your car and LOOK! You’re THAT lazy when backing into a spot in the parking ramp that you depend on a beeping sound so that you won’t scrape your car on the cement wall?
    Voice activated dialing – The perfect match of laziness and being preoccupied. Here’s an idea. Hang up and drive, THEN dial when stopped… with your fingers.
    Larger touch-screen “spot” – Again, hang up and drive, and realize that your phone call isn’t more important than risking people’s lives. Also, try eating less so your fingers aren’t so sausage-like and you can actually control pressing a button.
    Bring the cup holder forward – Oy vey. Try reaching. That’s why you have an arm.
    Redesign the center console – Yes, because a proper projection of the “Tesla image” is what you want to be staring at instead of DRIVING.
    Automate the charging cap to close – Have we become THIS lazy? You have no problem wanting to type in multiple phone numbers for your important calls, but you can’t simply “flip” the cap closed when done charging? Wah.
    Resize the sun visor – Try sitting on a phone book.

    Then the topper comes when the person says “People are fascinated by my Tesla, and my wife’s Tesla.” Well, good for you. That’s what you wanted, right? Not to save the environment, but to be a status symbol? Whatever helps you sleep at night, I suppose.

    Good on Musk for responding so quickly, though. And while I understand he can’t say “no, we can’t or won’t do some of those things,” for him to imply that “Many of the suggestions will be implemented soon.” is opening himself up to many more trivial requests from every other person who lives in fantasy land and thinks “it’s all about me.”

  • Emily Neimanis

    Thank you for your comment Mike, but I am afraid you have missed the point of the article. Its main purpose is not about the specific requests of the customers who wrote to him, it’s about how accessible major CEO Elon Musk is to his consumers. Normally, a customer would never hear back from someone in such a high position, but Elon Musk has proven time and again he puts his customers first, and will do anything to provide the best product.