Manufacturers Push For Aggressive Federal Energy Efficiency Goals

manufacturing-energy-efficiencyThe National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is setting its sights hard on energy efficiency.  Recently the NAM sent a letter to the Whitehouse urging President Obama to invest even more in energy efficiency savings and investments for federal buildings.

The letter was sent just as the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Better Buildings Initiative reaches the close of its two-year timeframe.  The Better Buildings Initiative involves $2 billion in energy efficiency upgrades to federal buildings over two years.  The project used no taxpayer funds, with energy savings being used to pay upfront costs instead.

The NAM urges the Obama Administration to continue to implement such energy conservation measures throughout the federal government.  This, they argue, will not only continue to cut back on federal energy costs, but also save taxpayer money currently used for unnecessary energy expenditures.  Specifically, the NAM suggests a new, aggressive goal of another $1 billion a year in energy savings over the next five years.

The NAM’s suggestion is a perfect next-step for the government to take in its initiative to increase energy efficiency in federal buildings.  By making these investments, the government sets an important example for commercial and industrial facilities all over the country.  NAM blogger Chip Yost sums it up well when he says:

We understand that a kilowatt saved is a dollar saved. Lowering our energy consumption not only allow us to better utilize our financial resources and but in many instances it helps us to be more productive using less energy. These savings impact the bottom line and help manufacturers to be more competitive in the global economy. Being energy efficient is simply smart!

The push for energy efficiency coming from the industrial sector is a financially smart cause for the industry.  As energy prices fluctuate amid concerns of changing fuel prices and renewable energy integration the NAM reminds us that, the cheapest and most renewable energy resource available is energy that is never used.

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Jessica Kennedy

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