LEDs: A First in Super Bowl History

footballThere’s more to the Super Bowl than face paint, air horns, and a mountain of bean dip.  (Oh, and beer. We cannot forget the beer.)  While the country tunes in to watch the big game Sunday night, the focus will be on the field, but when the cameras pan out, try to catch a glimpse of the lights.  They will probably look like average lights, and you may think I’m taking crazy pills for suggesting that you take your eye off the pigskin, but if you’re feeling bold, let your eyes wander.

For the first time in Super Bowl history, the game will be played under LED lights, one of the most efficient types of light bulbs on the market.  Lighting manufacturer Cree will be in the spotlight while the Seattle Seahawks and the New England Patriots battle it out on the field.  (Step aside, Katy.)

The University of Phoenix Stadium went through a complete lighting renovation and now requires a mere 310,000 watts of energy.  Compare that to the previously required 1.24 million watts and you’ll realize that’s a 75 percent reduction in energy consumption!

Cree released the following statement regarding the transformation:

With LEDs not previously viable for full stadium lighting, beyond energy savings and a better light experience, this signifies that 100 percent LED adoption is within reach; and Cree has driven the technology to be viable for every general lighting application.

So what does a renovation like this entail?  The stadium replaced almost 800 metal halide lighting fixtures with 312 Ephesus Lighting stadium fixtures consisting of 44,928 Cree XLamp MK-R LED bulbs. (Whew! Let me catch my breath.)

Another question you may be asking yourself: What’s in it for me and my diehard Super Bowl guests?  Each of these lights has been designed to provide almost double the illumination as the metal halide lights.  That means more uniform light, fewer shadows, better replays, and overall, a more enjoyable viewing experience.

Now go ahead and mold that bean dip mountain!  Gather your buds, chill some brews, put your couches on cinderblocks for makeshift stadium seating, and get ready to enjoy the greatest Super Bowl yet!



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