LED Light Bulbs More Affordable Than Ever!

Becoming more energy efficient is getting easier and cheaper thanks to the lighting company Cree. Last year the company introduced a line of 40-watt LED light bulbs for under $10, the lowest price ever seen for LEDs at the time. Now it’s slashing prices like a rainy garage sale with its new 100-watt equivalent LED bulb priced at under $20.

Cree made the announcement for its new $19.97 bulbs March 12, making them the cheapest LEDs on the market. To put that price in perspective, just last November, Osram introduced its line of 100-watt LED bulbs at just under $50. Now other companies are following Cree’s lead with Philips pricing its 100-watt bulbs at $24.97. Cree Chairman Chuck Swoboda said, “Our industry leading innovation has delivered the first true 100-watt LED bulb with the look and performance of a traditional bulb, but at a fraction of the energy consumption.”

As companies continue to perfect more sustainable products, and work to make their products the most competitive for consumers, prices will continue to decrease. Mike Watson, VP of product strategy at Cree says, “I think the adoption rate will increase even faster than it already has been with the current round of price reductions, which is driving more competitors into LEDs.” This is great news for us, because not only will we save in the long term with energy efficient LED bulbs, we’ll be saving at the cash register too!

Consumers can buy the new bulbs on Home Depot’s website now, or wait to check them out in Home Depot stores within the next few weeks. According to a Cree representative, Home Depot is also expected to lower prices on its 60-watt and 75-watt equivalent LED bulbs by 20 percent in the coming months. Although change is tough for some, it only makes sense to make the switch from incandescent light bulbs to more efficient lighting. If you need some inspiration, take a look at Paris’s Notre Dame Cathedral, which recently replaced over 440 bulbs with LEDs!

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    I love watching this race on innovation in the LED field, as it seems like everyone benefits. Philips redesigned the look of the light bulb with their slim version … and by doing this, eliminated the expensive heat sink. This let them provide 60 watts for $10 … so it makes sense that CREE prices on 60-watts will go down. I wonder if Philips will produce the same in other wattages to keep driving all of this forward. There are also other innovations allowing LEDs to produce more lights on even fewer watts, which makes it all even more interesting to watch.

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