It’s a Miracle: Fossil Fuel Group Admits Climate Change is Real!

Image courtesy of API

Image courtesy of API

Despite all the stress to deny basic science, the American Petroleum Institute (API) has done the unimaginable and admitted climate change is real! It might seem silly to point out an organization believing in climate change, but unfortunately, we live in a world where stating the obvious could mean bad business if your customer base is conservative. Just look at how many Republican politicians backtracked on their environmental beliefs under pressure to please right-wing voters.

The API, one of the biggest national trade associations representing all aspects of the country’s oil and natural gas industry, released an annual State of American Energy Report addressing the future of energy generation. The API states, “Few things threaten America’s future prosperity more than climate change,” and mentions the various types of energy production that will help mitigate the effects of global warming and climate change. It goes on to say, “…but there is growing hope. Every 2.5 minutes of every single day, the U.S. solar industry is helping to fight this battle by flipping the switch on another completed solar project.” In addition to solar energy, it discusses hydropower, wind, nuclear, and other renewable energy sources that can be integrated into our current electric grid.

Obviously, fossil fuels are the company’s main concern as far as power production goes, hence the energy report offering a lot of support for hydraulic fracturing, clean coal (whatever that is), and oil. But in this sad day and age, just the acknowledgment of climate change is a big step, which shows the shifting of views on the matter. Recently, Congress voted and agreed that climate change is real, which, surprisingly, included Republican votes. (But don’t get me started on how ridiculous it is that there needed to be a Congressional vote on whether to accept climate change as real.)

Hopefully we won’t be hearing the “I’m not a scientist” claim anymore, and instead, hear more people supporting proven science. Once that happens, there can be intelligent conversations about effective solutions for climate change and renewable energy sources. That might be a few years away, but when the biggest trade association in oil and natural gas recognizes climate change, it’s undeniable.



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