If You Litter Here, Your Car Will be Taken!

In a world with an “I couldn’t care less” attitude, how do you get people to follow the rules? Most would agree punishment and consequences fitting the crime would do the trick, but the President of Belarus is taking penalties to the next level. Anyone caught polluting the environment will have his or her car confiscated.

Just like the often overlooked country itself, its residents often overlook the garbage can and toss their trash anywhere their hearts desire. This has caused once pristine farmland to look basically like a garbage dump, and President Alexander Lukashenko has had it. While on a trip to the rural region between Mogilev Oblast and Vitebsk Oblast (like we really know where that is), Lukashenko was shocked by the amount of litter and trash. The President said, “I went to a most distant place. They have most terrible treatment of farmland there. They think it is far away and no one will see it. This is irresponsible.”


By the way, Belarus is right here.

Now Lukashenko is giving polluters a little Belrusian beat-down by tasking local administrations with tough measures against anyone caught “dumping waste in places not intended for that purposes.” The strictest measure of all is the confiscation of cars. Harsh one might say, but Lukashenko has had enough of everyone’s carefree stances on littering, so he’s going to make them care!

It’s unclear how long cars would be confiscated for or how punishments would be determined, but if anything, the threat should be enough to get Belrusians to stop littering. Unless of course, one didn’t own a car, then I suppose he or she would be free to pollute to one’s desire? Either way, one can’t deny the importance of preserving the earth, even if it takes a questionably ruthless threat to get there!





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