How to Get a Free Nest Learning Thermostat

Image courtesy of Nest.com

Image courtesy of Nest.com

What’s the one thing that could make saving energy (and making money!) even easier?  The Nest Learning Thermostat, of course!  Several energy companies are partnering with Nest Labs and offering discounts and rebates for customers who purchase one of these thermostats.  Among these companies is Commonwealth Edison (ComEd), who recently announced that it will be offering up to $140 in rebates for customers who participate in demand response.

Demand response is one of the main reasons the electric grid remains stable, especially during the blistering summer months.  When heat levels rise, the amount of cool air flowing from air conditioning units escalates, putting the electric grid at risk for failure.  If too much stress is put on the grid at one time, widespread blackouts can occur.  A demand response provider works with voluntary participants and notifies them when this situation occurs.  With advanced notice, participants are able to reduce the amount of energy they are consuming, alleviating the stress and getting compensated at the same time.

Val Jensen, senior VP of customer operations at ComEd, gave her take on the new partnership,

ComEd is pleased to offer its customers a suite of demand response and energy efficiency programs that provides a variety of information, technical and financial resources to help them manage their energy budget; but it all rests on a simple commitment to deliver value to our customers.  By partnering with Nest, ComEd customers will be able to take advantage of even more tools and features to better manage their energy usage and save money.

The Nest is a smart thermostat that learns the habits and preferences of a home’s occupants, and automatically adjusts the temperature to correspond.  Teaming up with DR providers will take this device to the next level.   Nest will wirelessly transmit a signal to the customer’s thermostat, automatically modifying the controls and assisting them to reduce their demand for electricity.  This will only take place occasionally between June 1 and September 30, when the hottest days of the year occur.

ComEd is not the only company taking advantage of this new concept.  NRG Residential Solutions is giving away a free Nest Learning Thermostat to those who get involved in the Learn & Conserve plan.  Reliant Energy, National Grid, and Green Mountain Energy (and several other companies) are also jumping on the bandwagon.

To find out if your energy provider will help you buy a Nest Thermostat, click here.

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