It’s that time of the year again when we all start thinking of goals to improve ourselves for the next 365 days. While most New Year’s resolutions deal with personal growth, there are some ambitions that can improve our energy use as well. To try to motivate and show others how easy it is to reduce energy, I’m going to adopt a new energy saving technique each week for the next month.

I’ll let you know Monday’s which strategy I’m going to try and give you updates about how it goes during the week. By the end of the month I’ll be able to implement all the techniques and be an energy saving machine! Any tips, suggestions, or questions are welcomed during this attempt, and I will tell you all about my personal experiences.



Time sure flies when you’re saving energy! I can’t believe it’s already my last week of boot camp. I have been struggling to come up with a practical and effective way to reduce energy for this week, and I have decided to finally give in and do the one thing I have been trying to avoid. My office is always very cold and as someone who is cold even in summer, it’s very uncomfortable. For months I have been going to the employee in charge of the thermostat and annoying her until she turns the heat up. Now that it’s the final week of boot camp I’m going to allow the office to stay chilly (okay, freezing) and not have the temperature increased.

I know this doesn’t sound like a big deal, but it really will decrease a lot of the energy wasted in the office by adjusting the temperature so often. We’re also saving a lot of energy just by keeping it colder during the winter and not overusing the heat.


How will I cope with the cold? I’ve been known to use my Snuggie, yes a Snuggie, on days I’ve been turned away, but now I plan on making it an everyday accessory. I also have fingerless gloves to keep my hands warm while maintaining my ability to type, and in general I will just dress much warmer. While my fashion choices won’t exactly be Vogue material, I will at least be warm and less annoying to the thermostat queen!

This will be by far the hardest adjustment I will have to make, but there is good reason behind it, which makes it much more motivating. I will let you know how it goes in addition to all the other techniques I’ve been using. And don’t worry, a snuggie picture will be provided!


I am not going to lie, I do not like the office being colder. It’s only 2 degrees outside and it would be nice to have a toasty room to warm up in. However, the snuggie does help and in yesterday’s case, when a shirt, sweater and snuggie still weren’t enough, I put my on parka coat too. Although my body was a little stiff, and I now know why Randy couldn’t put his arms down in A Christmas Story, I was warm.

If you’re wondering if I’ve been dressing in warmer clothing, I promise I have been. I have worn sweaters, fleece-lined leggings, wool socks, and in one instance, my hot chili ski pants. So yes, fashion has been put aside for the sake of energy conservation.

As cold as I’ve been this week, leaving the thermostat down is one very effective and crucial way to reduce energy consumption and maintain grid stability. When the outside temperatures reach single digits, it takes an additional supply of energy, nearly equal to 15 large power plants, to keep everyone’s power running smoothly. When offices leave their facilities a few degrees lower, it helps decrease the strain on the grid and potential blackouts, plus it saves money too.

Even though I have not liked the office being colder, I understand why it’s important and am willing to continue this strategy (spring is bound to come sometime right?).

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