Gas Prices Around the World

Let’s take a step back in time and reminisce when gasoline prices were less than one dollar per gallon. Ahhh, those were the days. Unfortunately, when we snap back to reality, all we hear about is how gas prices are quickly surpassing the four dollar mark. Some are even predicting gas will hit five dollars per gallon by summer. I invite you to follow me on a journey around the world to see what the rest of the population is paying at the pump.

First stop, France – the land of wine, cheese, and baguettes. Europe is known for their high gas prices, so it’s no surprise to see they are paying about $8.29 per gallon. A stone’s throw away, we find ourselves in Turkey, where they are paying close to $10 per gallon! Let’s take a moment and thank our lucky stars we aren’t even close to paying that much in the US. Quickly moving east, we arrive in Iran and discover it costs them approximately $1.44 for every gallon, which they consider expensive. Their neighbors to the south are paying less than half of that! Coming in at only $0.61 per gallon, Saudi Arabia is a major supplier to the United States and is owner to about one-fifth of the world’s oil reserves. Traveling about 6,000 miles east, we arrive in Japan, home of well made, fuel efficient cars. They’re going to need those cars, since they are paying around $6.62 per gallon. As we grab some sushi to-go, we make our way to our final destination, Venezuela. Hold on to your hats folks, citizens here are paying a mere $0.08 for one gallon of gasoline. Venezuela is known for its oil rich lands and affordable gas prices, but eight cents is just astonishing to Americans.

As everyone knows, gas prices in the United States could be more affordable, but as you’ve seen here, they could also be much more expensive. Although our country is not one of the lucky ones spending mere pennies for gasoline, we are fortunate enough to be paying half the price other countries are being forced to pay.

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