Energy Efficiency is Money Earned

energy-efficiency-moneyEnergy efficiency reminders seem to be ubiquitous.  For just a little hike in price, we can buy energy efficient light bulbs, appliances, cars, and even homes.  The constant message of energy efficient living is that we are being kind to the environment and helping to stop global warming.  But what’s in it for us?

Well, it turns out, that there is a lot of money to be saved by being energy efficient.  Aside from environmental benefits (which are plentiful) there is significant potential to save money with energy efficiency programs, and commercial and industrial facilities have the most to gain.

Adopting energy efficiency is widely regarded as one of our best, and most inexpensive, renewable resources.  Reports have been flooding the news with different efficiency projects, generating thousands of dollars in savings that benefit consumers as well as businesses.  For example, Automation World recently reported on energy efficiency operations of 39 different manufacturers given free energy audits by the Delta Institute.  Delta used grant money to audit manufacturers in the Chicago area, and help them improve energy efficiency.  The result was a wealth of data that gives us insight into the true value of saving energy.

The Delta study suggested several efficiency improvements for manufacturers, including efficient lighting, efficient motors and other components, fixing any leaks, and conserving fuel.  The results indicated that if all 39 manufacturers implemented all suggested efficiency improvements, it would amount to a savings of about $1.4 million and a sizable reduction in greenhouse gasses.

Energy efficiency has the potential to save businesses significant amounts of money while also offering a high return on investment.   The problem is that so many industrial facilities fail to implement even simple efficiency measures.  Even if a facility cannot upgrade equipment or lighting, conservation programs such as demand response exist that require no investment from the electric customer, and provide a substantial savings and payout.

The fact is, energy conservation and efficiency increases the bottom line of any business.  Money saved is equal to money earned when it comes to business revenue.  Every penny counts and energy programs like efficiency updates and DR are a great way to tap into the financial benefits of energy efficiency.  The reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is good news for the environment too, so it’s a win-win.  Take some time to get more information regarding demand response programs in your area by clicking here or here.

Jessica Kennedy
Energy Curtailment Specialists

Jessica can be found on Twitter and Google+.

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