DIY Friday: Spray Foam Insulation

Having superior insulation is critical in saving energy and money.  Did you know that insulated walls can save you roughly 30 percent on your utility bills?  One of the most popular forms of insulation is spray foam, and it is possible to install this yourself.


1) Safety

It is extremely important to review the instructions and warning labels included with the spray foam insulation kit.  Be sure to wear safety glasses, gloves, and a face mask while handling and dispensing the foam as it can be dangerous if inhaled.  It is also wise to place newspaper or a drop cloth on the floor for easy cleanup.  Most importantly, foam insulation is flammable, so make sure you eliminate anything that could lead to ignition, including nearby pilot lights.

2) Practice

Because the spray expands so tremendously, it’s a good idea to practice spraying a sample into an old garbage can or on some newspaper.  The foam expands to 100 times its original volume within ten seconds, and it is incredibly sticky before it hardens, so be sure you are comfortable with the process before spraying your walls.

3) Application

Some suggest misting the area with water before and after spraying to speed up the curing process.  Use smooth, back and forth strokes to spray the desired opening less than 50% full to ensure the foam has enough room to expand.  If the applicator becomes clogged with hardened foam, trim the area and continue applying.  When finished, trim any overfill with a serrated blade to create a flat surface so drywall can easily be attached.

Spray foam is known for its air-tight seal, preventing heat from passing through it or around it. Closing up any nooks or crannies will help to lower your energy bills and raise your building’s efficiency.  Make some time to inspect the likely drafty places: near windows, in door frames, at the top of basement walls, any crawl spaces, and even in the attic.

From everyone at YourEnergyBlog, enjoy your savings (and your weekend)!

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