In an exciting penultimate event for the Department of Energy’s (DOE) Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla week, a Google Hangout will take place at 12:30 p.m. (EST). The hangout will be focused on answering user-submitted questions about the lives, inventions and legacies of Edison and Tesla.

Image courtesy of the DOE

Image courtesy of the DOE

The event will be moderated by Peter Gardett, founder of Breaking Energy. The panel of experts that will be answering questions will consist of professionals from a range of energy-related industries. Here’s the official lineup:

  • Dr. Rob Ivester, Deputy Director of the Energy Department’s Advanced Manufacturing Office
  • Dr. Stephen Frank, Commercial Buildings Engineer at the Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)
  • Dr. Bernie Carlson, Professor of science, technology, and society at the University of Virginia

Questions can be submitted by emailing [email protected], posting in the comments on the Energy Department’s Facebook page or Google+ event, or by tweeting @ENERGY or @BreakingEnergy using #EdisonvsTesla.

To read more on the event and the entire Thomas Edison vs Nikola Tesla week, visit the Department of Energy’s website (surprisingly trendy) or visit their Facebook page.

If you really need another reason to get in on the action today, our own Jessica Kennedy will be firing-off a few questions during the Hangout. And as Tesla’s biggest fan – the DOE has no idea what they’re in for today.

Here’s a video from the Energy Department that will get you more excited than an electron that’s just left its ground state. Too far?


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