Consumers Unsatisfied with Musk’s D

Perhaps the launch was premature, or there was simply too much hype, but the reveal of Tesla’s D proved dissatisfying to consumers on October 9th. Much suspense arose surrounding the new D, following a mysterious tweet from Elon Musk on October 1st. The tweet simply said, “About time to unveil the D and something else,” leaving everyone curious about what it could be. It turns out, the “D” doesn’t stand for “driverless,” or anything else we, less mature folks, were thinking.

Courtesy of Twitter

Courtesy of Twitter

During the unveiling in Los Angeles, it was revealed the D stands for dual motor, and the new car is basically just an improved Model S. The dual motor allows the car to go from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds, has all-wheel drive, plus autopilot. I’m not joking. Autopilot; meaning the vehicle will be able to steer, accelerate and brake by itself.

Okay, so maybe the D is pretty cool. With the dual motor, it goes much faster, and can get an extra 10 miles on one charge, increasing the range from 265 miles to 275 miles. The self-driving technology, or autopilot, lets the car self-park, parallel park, read speed limit signs and adjust its speed accordingly. It can also change lanes automatically. Not that any of these features are necessary, but if I was paying an additional $14,000 on an already $100,000 car, I would want it to drive me around too (and also cook me dinner).

For those of us with a rather hungry piggy bank, Musk did shed more light on when a cheaper model will be available. He said, “Yeah, it’s true, the Model S remains an expensive car. Our affordable mass market car around is about three years away.” It’s rumored to be priced around $35,000, a bit more reasonable for most consumers. While we wait for our turn at a Tesla, we can see what other Batmobile contraptions Musk adds to his line of vehicles, and enjoy the cryptic messages along the way.



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