Chevron offers locals unusual gesture for gas explosion

Remember that time you took a bite of pizza and thought, “this is so good I would take it as compensation for a natural gas explosion in my backyard?” If you do, you probably work for Chevron (or are from my hometown in New Jersey).

Last week on February 11, a Chevron-owned natural gas well exploded in Greene County, PA killing one person, injuring another, and starting a fire that lasted five days. Since then, gas and heat have been emitting from the site into the surrounding atmosphere. Chevron, knowing they slipped up, did what any multimillion dollar company would do: give out pizza coupons to local residents (worth $12). Not to sell Chevron short, they were for the “special combo” only, which includes a whole 2-liter bottle of soda along with the large pizza.

The company said of the gesture, “As part of our meetings with a small group of immediate neighbors impacted by this activity, we have offered a token of appreciation for their patience during this time.  We also wanted to support Bobtown Pizza, a local business that has been providing meals to our first responders and workers at the well site.”

Not so shockingly, the 100 residents who received the coupons were not pleased with Chevron’s “apology.” One coupon recipient tweeted, “Worst apology ever: Sorry our fracking well exploded. Here’s a free pizza.” Another resident told CNN, “It felt like a huge slap in the face. I do not feel that they’ve addressed anything. I haven’t even called their hotline yet because I’m just too upset. A pizza coupon? I mean come on!”

The coupons expire May 1, so residents who plan on using it better act fast, or risk losing a hell of a deal! Currently, the Chevron team is still working around the clock to safely shut down the well and say the situation continues to be “serious.” As for how long this will take, and if the pizzas include toppings, will remain unknown.

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