BP Gulf Oil Spill: The Movie?

PopcornExplosions, fires, deaths, chaos: all the makings for your typical Mark Wahlberg action movie. Yet the future blockbuster in question isn’t about the normal subject matter (you know, cars turning into robots and closeted superheroes trying to find love). This new movie will be about the 2010 British Petroleum (BP) rig explosion, leading to one of the worst oil spills in history.

Now I know it sounds strange, but that’s because it is. Not only did this happen so recently the clean-up hasn’t been completed, but there is still a slew of pending litigation concerning the matter. Plus, the villains in this story are corporate BP executives who are still working for the company! But, when it comes to questionable movie content, at least this could potentially bring awareness to the dangers of off-shore drilling, show audiences the level of devastation that occurred and continues to occur, and put a real face to the many people who died and were injured.

Deepwater Horizon, as it’s being called, is slated to star action movie favorite Mark Wahlberg, and depict the 48 hours leading up to the explosion. According to Deadline Hollywood, Wahlberg will play “No. 2 manager on the doomed oil rig.” The article goes on to explain, “It revisits the acts of heroism that followed in trying to rescue men in the water, stories not known to the general public.” Clearly Hollywood is going to put its spin on the story, probably cutting to a final scene of crewman safely making it back to shore as they watch the rig burn.

I can’t say if this movie will do well, but we cannot deny Mr. Wahlberg has quite a following. I can only hope director JC Chandor respects the truth of what happened, and doesn’t give the events and people a complete Hollywood makeover. Unless, it includes a dance number with BP execs to the song We Didn’t Start the Fire. The project is scheduled to start next spring, and no release date has been announced, but check back in a year or two for my review. I’m sure it will be explosive!

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