3 Ways NYISO’s New Control Center Will Improve Grid Stability

The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) recently opened its brand new Utility Control Center.  Applying state-of-the-art technology and acting as a central nervous system for New York’s power grid, this center will improve grid reliability and streamline power transmission.  The NYISO gives us three specific methods on how it will go about doing this.

Image courtesy of NYISO.com

Image courtesy of NYISO.com

Smarter Grid

A 2,300-square-foot video wall can be found inside the Control Center and will provide over 3,000 live streams.  Information on line flows, line limits, transformer loading, voltages, and generator output are available.  With 24 hour reliability, operators will be able to predict and alleviate possible system disturbances.  The NYISO’s website explains,

The new control center integrates data from the Smart Grid New York phasor conditions at a rate of 60 times per second – 360 times faster than before, giving grid operators greater ability to rapidly detect irregularities and take corrective action.

Public-Private Investments for Jobs

Over $135 million in both public and private investments reinforce the security and reliability of New York’s electric system, which gives the state its competitive edge in the battle for jobs.

Greener Power

The Control Center includes expanded digital data capacity that equips the NYISO to seamlessly incorporate renewable resources, such as wind and solar power.  As New York aims to achieve the goals of its Renewable Portfolio Standard, the center’s digital platform will “deploy renewable resource management tools as they continue to evolve, using wind forecasts, meteorological and generation output data to better assess and employ the variable nature of renewable power.”

With the NYISO’s impressive control center, the electric grid is expected to remain stable throughout the year, but during those times of uncertainty, grid operators will trigger a demand response event.  The combination of these two elements will ensure a steady supply of electricity for each customer.

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