10 Impacts of Low Gas Prices You Never Knew

gasolineIt’s no secret that gas prices have been plummeting, leaving people wondering what will happen next. With the drastic drop from $100 per barrel of oil this summer to a mere $48 as of last week, many are concerned about the economy, international relations, and increases in carbon emissions from more drivers cluttering the roads. However, there are many other impacts the drop in gas prices will bring, and I’m here to fill you in!

1. Finally getting to finish that song

For those of us who still listen to the radio, we understand the impossible decision of turning off the car during a great song, or keeping the party going with another lap around the block. Thanks to lower gas prices, we can now continue belting out our favorite 90’s classics without the worry of emptying our wallets!

2. Run-ins with old high school classmates, because there’s no excuse not to go home

After years of dodging trips back to our hometowns, we can no longer use high gas prices as an excuse to skip Thanksgiving. So, our awkward encounters with former high school classmates are bound to rise while we step out to the local bar. This can be good or bad, depending on how much you can brag about your new adult life!

3. Celebratory dancing at gas pumps

People are literally dancing in the streets and celebrating with sick moves upon realizing their gas purchases after filling up are lower than they’ve been in years. We can have our own end zone dance every time we fill up! (A word to the wise: Don’t actually dance in the streets, because lower gas prices mean more cars on the road, increasing your chance of getting hit).

4. News stations having to get new gas price montages

I used to work at a local news station, so I can tell you first hand the same b-roll, or video montages, showing gas prices are constantly recycled over and over again. Now, cameramen have to actually go out and shoot new video of the prices at the pumps. Plus, editors now have to piece the footage together, giving two people at every news station one extra thing to do.

5. Small talk about the last time you saw prices so low

Since 2008, office small talk has been dominated by the weather and places that sell the cheapest gas. If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s all about the exact year, day, time, and what you were wearing the last time you saw gas prices this low. Some people will be a bit abrasive, questioning your tale, while others will turn it into an odd competition, making such claims like they saw it at $2.63 way before you did. No matter what, this debate will commence at some point thanks to lower gas prices.

6. Reading a book without a Snuggie

Oil and gas also help heat our homes, so with lower prices, we can turn up the heat and finally read a book without the need of a Snuggie (but you’ll probably still need the free book light)! I know it’s been a few months since you pulled out your ordinary, boring, square blanket, but you could always jazz it up by cutting two holes in it to make a sleeveless blanket.

7. Forcing that cheap friend of yours to DD

So long are the days of your cheap, lazy friend pretending he doesn’t have any gas and therefore cannot be the designated driver. He can fill his tank for the price of the two Red Bulls he’ll be drinking while you sip on your sixth rum and Coke. We don’t have to put up with his gas excuses any longer. We can finally make him take his turn!

8. Real birthday presents

Being strapped for cash, we often find ourselves asking for necessities for our birthdays instead of real luxuries. It wasn’t long ago that my roommates and I canceled our Secret Santa exchange when every gift list consisted of basic groceries. With the reduction in gas prices, we can afford necessities, allowing us to request actual presents!

9. Punch-Bugging your friends like a champ

In case you don’t know what “punch-bugging” is, it’s punching a friend when you see someone driving a Volkswagen Beetle. (Typically you yell “Punch bug! No punch backs!” during the process.) As gas prices drop, more drivers will take to the roads, increasing your chance at seeing a Beetle, and subsequently getting a socially acceptable chance to right-hook your best friend (or the friend too cheap to DD). But be a pal and avoid the facial region.

10. Bringing more than a Ziploc bag of luggage on a flight without being charged millions

I travel frequently, so I’m often conflicted with packing only the essentials so I can just bring a carry-on bag, versus packing what I really want and paying a big fee for checking a bag. Or worse, checking a bag that weighs more than 50 pounds. Lower gas prices mean lower airline tickets and fees. Soon I can pack more than a toothbrush and a t-shirt and not have to pay a hefty price!

While many choose to worry about the negative effects of lower gas prices, we can relax and enjoy the happiness it brings! I, for one, am planning on adding a new combination for my celebratory gas pump dance, and have been getting my swinging arm ready for some killer punch bugs. So, go on and have fun singing that TLC song to the end!

*These impacts are not supported by any accredited research, but are most definitely real.



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  • http://www.spiffysolar.com/ Spiffy Solar

    Where I’m from it was “slug bug,” not “punch bug.” I think that sounds better, but then, it’s what I’m used to.

    • Emily Neimanis

      I agree, Spiffy Solar, “Slug Bug” does sound better, but it doesn’t express the punching action of “Punch Bug!”